• Oakhill

    Example from 2013 Home Tour

    This stately Italianate structure, known as Oakhill, is one of Marshall's most popular Historic Home Tour attractions. It was built in 1858 by Chauncey Brewer, a wealthy Marshall farmer and merchant, and his wife Emily. It was featured on the 2013 Home Tour.

  • Rose_hill_inn_to_print

    Example from 2012 Home Tour

    In 1860, Edward Butler built the house that is now known as Rose Hill in the Italianate style to rival the similar Oakhill that had been built the previous year by Chauncey Brewer, Butler's business partner and brother-in-law. This home was featured on the 2012 Home Tour.

  • Perrett3

    Example from 2011 Home Tour

    Master carpenter Nathan Benedict erected this rectangular block house in 1855. Dry goods merchant George Perrett purchased the home in 1878, and a Perrett owned the home until 2013. This house was featured on the 2011 Home Tour.

2014 Home Tour


Marshall's Historic Home Tour has been going on for over five decades and is consider one of the best in the Midwest!


Saturday and Sunday, September 6 and 7, 2014

Cost: $17.00 Advance Purchase, Valid through September 1, 2014

Every September for more than fifty years, the Marshall Historical Society has offered an annual Historic Home Tour.

Often described as the best historic home tour in the Midwest, this annual event actually started in 1957 as a Kitchen Tour to raise funds for Marshall’s Trinity Church!

The Trinity Kitchen Tour ran from 1957 to 1963. During the first four years, the tour was held in May – typically on a weekday afternoon – and often included fashion shows. The tour moved to October in 1961 and then to September in 1962.

The first time the Trinity Kitchen Tour included historic homes was 1964. And by 1968 the Historic Home Tour had become so popular that the Guild Council of Trinity Church asked the Marshall Historical Society to take over managing the Historic Home Tour each year. And as the saying goes: The rest is history.

Each year the tour features six to eight historic homes, showcasing a diverse mix of architectural styles with construction dates ranging from the early 1800s to the 1900s. In addition, we open each of the following Marshall museums: the Honolulu House Museum, the G.A.R. Hall Museum, the Capitol Hill School Museum, the American Museum of Magic and Magic Library, the Governor’s Mansion, the United States Postal Museum, and the Gasoline Museum at the interurban depot.  Also included on a rotating basis are some the area’s businesses located in historic buildings and our historic churches.

The Calhoun County Fairgrounds have also been included in the Home Tour, and while there are not historic “homes” located in this area, the Fairgrounds include the site and buildings of one of the oldest country fairs in Michigan.  Located on “Capitol Hill,” the fairgrounds are a beautiful and restful spot to visit during Home Tour, and have a craft show and harvest festival that is sure to delight kids of all ages. 

Among the beautifully restored buildings, the museums, the fairgrounds, the juried arts and crafts shows, carriage rides, wonderful hosts, and great food, there is sure to be fun for everyone.  And did we mention the costumed Civil War Ball held on Saturday night?  Isn’t Marshall where YOU want to be every year on the first weekend after Labor Day?!      

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