This guide takes visitors on a 1.4 mile tour that will take you past historic buildings, museums, landscaped public areas, State Historic Markers and the Saturday morning Farm Market (May-Oct.). Visit businesses, shops and restaurants located in historic buildings from the 1800s. Follow the Red Dots for the primary walk which is 1.1 miles in length, or continue onto the Red Diamond section (an additional 0.3 mile) to explore further.

Marshall can be explored by using a free QR code reader app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone. QR Codes are located on 20 planter table tops located along the downtown blocks of Michigan Avenue, in Carver Park, and by the doors to City Hall. QR Codes can also be found in front of the Honolulu House, at the Brooks Memorial Fountain and the G.A.R. Memorial Hall building as part of the TAG Calhoun program.

This guide takes visitors on a 0.35 mile tour on the hill that almost became the Michigan Capitol Complex, much of which is now the Calhoun County Fairgrounds. In 1971 and 1972 State Historic Markers were installed by the Mary Marshall Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution at each of the three historic sites around the square. There are three museums along the route, the Capitol Hill School, Governor’s Mansion, and Calhoun County Fairgrounds Museum.